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Publisher :   Journal of Video Ethnography, Social Science Research Center, DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois
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  Contact Person :   Greg Scott, Editor in Chief
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  Address :   990 W. Fullerton Ave., Suite 3100, Chicago, IL 60614

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Vol. 1, No.1 (2014) :    Cadences (by Alexandra Tilman)
Grrrl Love and Revolution (by Abby Moser)
The Mother Hen (by Sydney Silverstein)
Status and Stigma (by Melanie Langpap)
U.S. vs. Narciso, Perez & the Press (by Geri Alumit Zeldes)

Vol. 1, No.2 (2014) :    Country Crush (by Molly Merryman)
El Dia Primero (by Sarah Borealis & Neyda Paredes)
Wilderness of a Troubled Genre (by John Melville Bishop)
Maturarul - The Broom Maker (by Stefan Scarlatescu)
Near the Mountain (by Flynn Donovan)
Ngaben (by Robert Lemelson)
Standing on the Edge of a Thorn (by Robert Lemelson)
The Last Taboo (by Tony Steyger)
Silkies of Madagascar (by David Evans)

Vol. 2, No.1 (2015) :    The Movie Crowd (by Kyle McDaniel)
Soil, Struggle, and Justice (by Andreas Hernandez)
3,100 Mile Self-Transcendence Race (by Kevin Gotkin and Corrina Laughlin)

Vol. 2, No.2 (2015) :    A Better Road (by Juan Aguilar)
To Live in This World (by Jordan Thomas and Kenzie Wade)
Cutting the Cord / Lutu Chuktiwa (by David Shorter)
Macholand / Mardistan (by Harjant Gill)
Cut Off By Mountains (by Tamara Sushko and Rod Morris)
Out of Focus / Fuera de Foco (by Adrian Arce and Antonio Zirion)
Kora (by Jorge Carvalho)

Vol. 3, No.1 (2016) :    Social Life of a Bus (by Govind Gopakumar)
Manatee Lagoon: Yesterday and Today (by Eileen Smith-Cavros and Guadalupe Almanza)
The Politics of Friendship and Confrontation (by Syd Krochmalny)
The Passage of Fish (by Francesco Bachis, Dawn Lyon, Felice Tiragallo)
The Vital Other (by Lan Angela Li)