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Frederick Wiseman

Director / Producer

With 39 films, three Emmys, a Peabody and numerous other awards to his credit, Wiseman has been called "the American documentary filmmaker" and the "chronicler of the Western world". He has described his own work as "documentaries as drama". Taking his camera into the unexamined corners of a wide spectrum of society's institutions and organizations, Wiseman allows his subjects to tell their own story, in their own words, at their own pace and without narration. The very names of his often long-running, but deceptively short titles suggest the breadth of his personal curiosity, titles that include Public Housing (set in Chicago's Ida B. Wells public housing development), High School, Welfare, Hospital, Law and Order, Deaf, Model, Ballet, Aspen, Boxing Gym and his latest, At Berkeley. Wiseman, a graduate of Yale Law School, lectures widely and has also directed for the theater. His films are distributed through Zipporah Films, Inc., which he founded in 1970.

Documentary Films Directed by Frederick Wiseman

Public Housing

Public Housing documents daily life at the Chicago's Ida B. Wells public housing development. The film illustrates some of the experiences of people living in conditions of extreme poverty.

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Frederick Wiseman is a renowned American filmmaker, documentarian, and theatrical director. His latest documentary films are available at http://www.zipporah.com/.

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